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Okay guys I got a question cause I can’t seem to figure it out… I lowered my car yesterday by taking out a lock ring on each side of the front coilovers, which means nothing could possibly be off. But it seems as if my passenger side is sitting not as low as my driver. The difference is probably about 1/6th of an inch… I had one guy tell me it could be that the springs weren’t made quite the same which would kinda make since. But I just need more people’s insight on what might be the problem so when I go to work on it again I can rule out everything instead of jacking up up 10 times in a few hours. #dsm #mitsubishi #eclipse #turbo #boosted #lowlife #scrapedaily #slammed #carporn #slammedenuff #bozo #xxr #hashtagsondeck

stussyking becauseracecar directionlessdrive lizzydsm661
any ideas to help him out?
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